Nearshoring advisory

Setting up operations in Poland is a great way to access some of the world’s best tech talent. But it can be difficult to know how and where to start. Which roles should you hire? Which operating model is right for you? Do you need an office? Will you set up your own company or work through a partner?

At MOTIFE, we help you define a nearshoring strategy that’s tailored to your ambitions, considering various factors such as the planned size of your team, your timelines, the services or products you develop, your technology stack, as well as your budget.

Building the right nearshoring strategy for you

We work collaboratively with you to select one of – or combine – the following nearshoring approaches and tailor them to suit your circumstances.

Own entity

We help you establish a local legal entity and office, and we source the right candidates for you to employ directly. 

Employer of Record

We help you find the right talent to work for you while being officially employed by MOTIFE, meaning there’s no need for you to set up an entity in Poland.

Staff augmentation

You engage with IT consultants in Poland to work with your HQ/onshore engineers.

Our goal is to help you grow

We can build an optimal expansion strategy, adjusted to the risk you are willing to take


What you can expect

As output from our collaboration, MOTIFE will help create a plan that includes:

a schedule and a list of key activities

key milestones and projected costs

a list of the profiles to hire

MOTIFE – the right choice

Nearshoring is a big decision that can imply additional overhead and risk. With our experience and intimate knowledge of the local market, we help you minimize both.

Our team consists of people with extensive experience
in major IT companies with operations in Poland

We know how to make nearshoring work
and have a proven track record of helping organizations set up and thrive in Poland

We prepare and advise you on what to expect
and how to maximize the benefits of your nearshore operations

We provide recommendations based on extensive experience
on how to hire and set up your engineering operations to make the most of distributed development

We find people who are well suited
to working in a nearshore model, looking at both technical and soft skills

Trusted by great companies

Client story

Looking to scale up its engineering capabilities, Karhoo chose Poland and MOTIFE to provide end-to-end support in recruiting top talent and to set up a tech lab in Krakow.


"When you are a small company and your focus is on growing your business, you need trusted partners to help accelerate what you do."

Bill Wilkins

Group CTO / CPO, Karhoo

Karhoo (Mobility-as-a-Service, UK)

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Services to help you get up and running

Co-creating a nearshoring strategy is just one way we can help you get started in Poland. In addition to advisory and consulting services, we provide end-to-end services to help and mature businesses alike scale up their global engineering capabilities.

Questions clients ask about nearshoring strategies

1 or 3 months
notice periods depend on length of employment with a given employer.

4.1K EUR
median gross monthly salary for a mid-level software engineer (in Krakow).

software engineers and IT professionals in Poland.

of IT jobs posted in Poland are remote.

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