Executive Search in Poland

Get access to top-tier executive candidates in Poland with the support of a local expert.

Poland has become a key destination for international firms to expand their operations, creating a talent pool of executive-level professionals equipped with local insights, exposure to global projects, and an international perspective.

As experts and committed members of the IT and business ecosystem in Poland, MOTIFE connects you with the best talent in the market. Whether expanding operations into a new geography or seeking leadership to navigate through transformative changes, MOTIFE offers a comprehensive executive recruitment service.

A dedicated Executive Search Consultant allocated to your project

Strategic advisory and recruitment

Transparent process and terms

Executive Search

Trusted by great companies

Why choose MOTIFE for Executive Search in Poland?

With a proven track of executive roles recruited for international companies, and in-house Executive Search Consultants with 10+ years of experience, MOTIFE is a trusted partner for organizations looking to hire for high-level management roles in Poland.

We prioritize confidentiality when searching for executive talent, leveraging our network within the local community to find the right candidates. Our strong brand in the local market attracts the best candidates, and our vetting process ensures they match your company's culture.


Executive Search in Poland

Exclusive access to the network of top-tier candidates

MOTIFE's Executive Search service encompasses strategic recruitment advisory, market mapping, candidate communication, and logistical management to simplify the hiring process.

This service is tailored to provide an in-depth understanding of the market, regular updates on search progress, and a selection of three qualified candidates within a 10-week timeframe.

The focus is on delivering a transparent and comprehensive Executive Search and hiring process, facilitating organizations' efforts to establish, expand, or redefine their presence in Poland.

Service overview

  • Executive Search Consultants with 10+ years of experience
  • 3+ qualified candidates shortlisted within 10 weeks
  • Market mapping and weekly reports
  • Strategic advisory and recruitment
  • Candidate communication handled by MOTIFE
  • Search for all major company functions (IT, HR, Finance, etc.)
  • Transparent process and terms

Case studies

Executive Search in Poland

Global Customer Care Director
(HR Tech, USA)

A US-based publicly traded company aimed at hiring for a strategic role of a Krakow-based Global Customer Care Director. This position was dedicated to overseeing eight offices across the EMEA and APAC regions and to leading the development of Customer Care functions in Poland. By partnering with MOTIFE, within four months,  the right candidate was successfully placed in the position.

Executive Search

Head of Development
(FinTech, USA)

A Fortune 100 US-based Fintech company, known for delivering institutional-grade financial services, sought to appoint a Head of Development based in Krakow. This role was one of the first positions in Poland, important for establishing the Krakow IT hub, and for the transition of products to the Polish market. Through efficient and focused networking, MOTIFE placed the position within just one month.

Executive Search in Poland

Engineering Development Director
(Oil & Gas, USA)

A leading tech solutions provider for the energy sector, in the Oil & Gas industry, aimed to appoint a Krakow-based Engineering Development Director to oversee tech teams across various locations and establish the Krakow IT delivery center. The company partnered with MOTIFE, leveraging its Executive Search expertise. Within two months from the beginning of the collaboration, MOTIFE successfully identified and placed the ideal candidate for the role.

Executive Search

HR Director
(SaaS, USA)

A North American company, specializing in supporting the growth of SaaS businesses, aimed to hire an HR Director. This position was responsible for setting up the HR function in Poland and managing HR activities in other EMEA countries. With the help of MOTIFE, they were able to close this role with a qualified candidate within two months, thereby establishing a solid HR framework to support future growth.


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Experience working with 50+ international organizations in Poland
Our clients include companies and start-ups from Europe, North America, and the Middle East, either already established in Poland or looking to enter the market. They trust us to help them grow and find the right talent for their hubs.
Proven track of Executive roles placement
We support our clients with executive-level hires across various functions, including IT, HR, Customer Care, Marketing, and Finance. We work with international companies operating in diverse industries such as FinTech, Software, Engineering & Manufacturing, IT Consulting & Services, and Retail.
Trusted brand on the local market
We're known for our comprehensive report on the Krakow IT market and collaborate with local community partners like ABSL, ASPIRE, OMGKRK, Krakow Technology Park, Krakow City, and the Malopolska region. These partnerships keep us connected and informed, benefiting our clients.
Focus on long term, partner relations
Our goal is to see your teams in Poland grow and be successful. We will support you proactively at each stage of the journey and advise you with constructive feedback.
Add-on services for your hub
Beyond Recruitment, MOTIFE can support with Softlanding, Build Operate Transfer (BOT), HR consulting, Employer of Record, and B2B contractor hiring. We act as a one-stop-shop for our clients for all things related to Poland.
Executive Search beyond Poland with our partner Nicholson
Talent searches for executive roles frequently extend beyond national borders. In addition to providing expert executive search services in Poland, we work with our clients to fulfill their global executive search requirements through our strategic partnership with Nicholson Search & Selection. This partnership enables us to offer comprehensive support for your projects across the globe, through seamless cooperation.
Executive Search in Poland

Employer of Record (EOR) services in Poland. What you need to know.
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software engineers and IT professionals in Poland

4-8 weeks
average time to recruit an experienced IT specialist

150 EUR
average monthly cost of benefits package per employee

estimated share of B2B contracts vs. perm contracts for new hires in the Krakow IT market

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