Contingency recruitment

Finding the right people is crucial to your success in building up IT capabilities in Poland.

Let us guide you on your hiring journey – from introducing you to the Polish market, all the way through to onboarding your new hires.

End-to-end recruitment

Consultancy including market mapping and salary recommendation

Candidate-friendly experience

Why choose MOTIFE as your recruitment partner?

With 15+ years of experience in hiring IT and tech talent, recruitment is at the heart of our services portfolio. We provide comprehensive support that can be tailored to your exact needs.

We can handle everything from creating job descriptions, through to posting, screening, interviewing, assessing technical skills, presenting offers, facilitating administrative processes, and even onboarding


Contingency recruitment

Several recruiters work on your recruitment projects, on a success-fee basis.

Success-fee rate based on successful candidate's annual salary, with an optional refundable engagement fee.

Consider entrusting your recruitment exclusively to MOTIFE for faster results and to build a strong employer brand in Poland.

90-day guarantee.

This service includes:

  • active identification and outreach to passive candidates
  • advertising and promotion of roles
  • screening of candidates
  • presenting candidates to hiring managers
  • end-to-end coordination of the entire process
  • keeping candidates engaged
  • advisory on compensation
  • offer presentation to the candidate
  • contract arrangements (creation, checking, obtaining signatures)
  • onboarding support
  • costs of job-board postings, LinkedIn Recruiter licenses, online promotion, etc.

Typical timeline

It usually takes between 4 and 8 weeks to hire an IT specialist in Poland (from creating and posting job descriptions, through to contract signing). After accepting an offer, candidates usually have a 1-month (calendar) notice period, although it can be up to 3 months.

Week 1

Week 1-8

Week 3-8

Project kick-off

Sourcing & screening


Offer to candidate

Week 4-8

Trusted by great companies

Client story

Looking to scale up its engineering capabilities, Karhoo chose Poland and MOTIFE to provide end-to-end support in recruiting top talent and to set up a tech lab in Krakow.


"We needed to find a partner who could help us with local facilities, with hiring, with organizing everything. The custom solution built for us was really convenient."

Eugene Solomka

VP Research & Development - Karhoo

Karhoo (Mobility-as-a-Service, UK)

Build your own tech team
vs. outsourcing

There are many ways to build IT capabilities in Poland, but your success or failure will ultimately depend on the quality of your people. Building your own team in Poland is a great way to keep your IP in-house, while embedding your culture and values across the locations where you’re present.

A decision to build your own team in Poland increases the importance of finding the right people. That means the right skills, the right cultural fit, and the right availability. The MOTIFE Recruitment team can help you or handle every step of the process so you can enjoy the benefits of hiring in Poland and devoting time only when you really need to. 

Where to start?

Understanding the market

We start by introducing you to the Poland IT landscape and walking you through the key points of Polish labor law. 

This will help you understand the main dos and don’ts of hiring in Poland, legal constraints, as well as the budget required to fill popular roles.

Your Employer Value Proposition (EVP)

We’ll help you understand candidate expectations in Poland, market expectations, and the best ways to appeal to and attract top talent.

We will work with you to build strong messaging that reflects your brand positioning and values, and will help you appeal to tech talent here in Poland.

A team of experienced recruiters

We will assign a team of recruiters, who will work closely with your hiring and HR teams to prepare, execute, and complete your recruitment projects. 

MOTIFE recruiters will capture your goals, expectations, and any constraints of the hiring project, and will help define the compensation package offered for each position.

How we recruit

of IT specialsts are not actively looking to change jobs

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of annual salary is the standard recruitment fee in Poland

of IT jobs posted in Poland are remote

When to use recruitment with an external agency?

When entering a new market, an obvious choice for many companies is to hire candidates using their own recruitment team. To be successful with this option, a company needs to build a recruitment function in the chosen location, as hiring with a remote recruitment team rarely works.

Building one’s own team, however, is an investment which requires time and can slow down initial growth. Hiring with just an internal team is in most cases slower compared with hiring external agencies. Recruiting for senior IT roles can be particularly difficult with only an internal team due to a limited database, relations with candidates, and a need for in-depth knowledge of the market. An in-house recruitment scenario is often chosen when the demand for recruitment is high in the longer perspective, but a slow start is acceptable and when there is no budget for external recruitment agency fees.

To decrease the hiring cost, but to keep a fast pace, companies often choose a hybrid mode when they start with an agency and then continue with a mix of internal, agency and potentially RPO consultants.

Solutions tailored to you: 
Contingency recruitment + RPO

For complex recruitment projects or specific business circumstances, it could be beneficial to blend contingency recruitment and Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) services. MOTIFE offers both services and can support your business with a custom recruitment model.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Consider also

Setup and operations management

Employer of Record (EOR)

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