Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Accelerate your growth with dedicated support for your recruitment efforts, embedded into your organization and serving as an extension of your team.

Experienced MOTIFE recruiters work with you, on your behalf, and with the support of the MOTIFE recruitment ecosystem to make sure your hiring keeps up with your business demand.

Expert IT recruiters working as part of your team

Operational from day 1

Ongoing support from sourcers and recruiters at MOTIFE

When to use Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)?

Support rapid growth or scale up

Just closed a funding round or need to respond quickly to a major opportunity or market dynamics? Can your recruitment efforts keep up with business demand?  

The RPO model enables you to address your immediate or temporary recruitment needs, while avoiding the inefficiency of building up permanent capacity for a potentially short-term need. And you can enjoy all the benefits of having an experienced IT Recruiter with intimate knowledge of the local market ‘in-house’.

Temporarily, while building own capability

Are you experiencing a prolonged period of demand? Or perhaps you're looking for support and a source of local expertise while building up your own recruitment capacity? 

Having access to a dedicated recruiter as part of an RPO model provides you with the flexibility and confidence to keep recruiting while you build out your own local recruitment capabilities or to augment your existing capacity with local expertise and help you get through peak demand periods

Employer branding and candidate experience

Your brand is dear to you and is a valuable tool when engaging with top talent. Can you maintain a high-quality candidate experience if you’re stretched or using external partners? 

With MOTIFE RPO services, our experienced IT recruiter works closely with you to learn about your key values and culture, then conducts recruiting processes on your behalf – finding, contacting, and progressing with candidates, and delivering a candidate experience that you can be proud of.

Why choose MOTIFE as your recruitment partner?

With 15+ years of experience in hiring IT and tech talent, recruitment is at the heart of our services portfolio. We provide comprehensive support that can be tailored to your exact needs.

We can handle everything from creating job descriptions, through to posting, screening, interviewing, assessing technical skills, presenting offers, facilitating administrative processes, and even onboarding.


Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

1 or more dedicated recruiters are onboarded full time into your recruitment team and work on behalf of your brand.

Monthly RPO retainer + reduced recruitment rate based on the successful candidate’s annual salary

90-day guarantee.

This service includes:

  •  expert IT recruiter(s)  working as part of your team
  • operational from day 1
  • supported by MOTIFE sourcers and recruiters

Also includes:

  • active identification and outreach to passive candidates
  • advertising and promotion of roles
  • presenting screened candidates to hiring managers
  • coordination of entire process, end-to-end
  • communication with candidates to maintain engagement
  • presenting offers to candidates
  • advisory on compensation and contract
  • onboarding support
  • costs of job-board postings, LinkedIn Recruiter licenses, online promotion

Typical timeline

It usually takes between 4 and 8 weeks to hire an IT specialist in Poland (from creating and posting job descriptions, through to contract signing). After accepting an offer, candidates usually have a 1-month (calendar) notice period, although it can be up to 3 months

Week 1

Week 1-8

Week 2-4

Project kick-off

Sourcing & Screening


Offer to candidate

Week 4-8

Trusted by great companies

Client story

MOTIFE helped Kitopi, the Cloud Kitchen unicorn, hire a large team of engineers in just 6 months using a tailored Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) model.


"Within the last 18 months, we managed to recruit a huge team. But what I’m most proud of, apart from the recruitment, is that we managed to create a fantastic culture. We will continue to work with MOTIFE because we were so amazed by the cooperation."

Patrycja Mikuła

People & Culture Lead, Kitopi Poland

Kitopi (Food Tech, Dubai, UAE)

Build your own tech team in Poland, with the help of local experts

Building your own team in Poland is a great way to grow your capabilities with top talent while keeping your IP in house and strengthening your global culture and values. But not every company has the time, capacity, or knowledge of the local market to conduct their recruitment efficiently and in line with company growth ambitions. And some prefer to focus their efforts elsewhere, like product development.

With MOTIFE Recruitment Process Outsourcing services, we assign a dedicated, experienced MOTIFE Recruiter to work as part of your organization, operate on behalf of your brand, and conduct the recruitment process as if a fully-fledged member of your organization. You can enjoy regular updates from your recruiter, assured in the knowledge that your hiring plans and employer brand are in good hands.

How we recruit

of IT specialists are not actively looking to change jobs

of a candidate's annual salary is the typical recruitment fee in Poland

is the most in-demand skill

of IT jobs posted in Poland are remote

Solutions tailored to you: 
RPO + Contingency / Retained recruitment

Not sure whether an RPO model fits your needs? At MOTIFE, we also provide Contingency and Retained recruitment services and are happy to discuss blending one or more services or developing a custom recruiting and hiring model for your business.

Consider also

Setup and operations management

Employer of Record (EOR)

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