Employer of Record (EOR)

Hire top tech talent in Poland without setting up a subsidiary.

With Employer of Record (EOR) services, MOTIFE acts as a trusted intermediary between you and the team you choose to hire. In addition to supporting your recruitment of top tech talent, our HR Back Office team offers end-to-end support for hosting your team on the MOTIFE payroll.

No legal entity required

Full compliance and HR support

All with just one invoice a month

EOR services tailored to you, optimized for operating in Poland

Employer of Record (EOR) services are a great way for tech companies to grow their capabilities, quickly and conveniently in a flexible, low-risk manner.

MOTIFE EOR services can be the perfect first step on your journey to opening your own entity in Poland. We provide multiple levels of support, starting with basic setup services, extending all the way through to comprehensive customized solutions.

With all levels of MOTIFE EOR services, you can benefit from rapid setup, a guarantee of full compliance with local labor laws and regulations, and full transparency of costs incurred and time spent by employees.


Hire B2B contractors in Poland in full compliance

Basic includes:

  • B2B contractors
  • B2B contract template
  • HR admin support
  • one invoice per month

Cost structure: Starting from 10% of contractor monthly compensation.

No fee in case of transfer to your own entity.


Hire a tech team in Poland and build a team culture inspired by yours.

Core includes:

  • Permanent employees and B2B contractors
  • HR advisory
  • custom benefit packages
  • procurement of IT equipment
  • office space search, down-selection, and presentation
  • third-party vendor management

Contact MOTIFE to schedule a free consultation and receive a quote.

No fee in case of transfer to your own entity.


Design an EOR plan that suits your organization’s setup and ambition.

Custom includes:

  • Permanent employees and B2B contractors
  • fast office-space procurement and setup
  • dedicated Operations Manager
  • office management
  • onboarding support (inc. IT set up)
  • IT support (ongoing)
  • work permit support (for non-Poles)

Contact MOTIFE to schedule a free consultation and receive a quote.

No fee in case of transfer to your own entity.

Why and when to use the services of a local EOR provider?

Employer of Record (EOR) services can be appealing for companies looking to get started in a new country, without overhead. Setting up an official entity takes time, investment, and a strong understanding of the local market and its applicable laws and regulations. It also requires strong formal commitment. Not all organizations are able to make such commitments immediately, but that doesn’t mean you need to wait in order to start working with software engineers and IT talent in Poland.

EOR services enable you to get started with minimal up-front investment and without needing to establish a formal entity or key functions (like HR, Finance, Operations). With MOTIFE, you can tap into tried-and-tested HR and Finance workflows, as well as our relationships with local partners, including benefit-package, IT-hardware, and office-space providers. This empowers you to focus on building out your capabilities to support business growth, while we take care of details ‘on the ground’.

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Client stories

Volt Active Data (Data, USA)

To power its continued, rapid growth, Volt Active Data, a leading US-based data platform for real-time data processing, chose Poland and MOTIFE to build out its engineering capabilities. As part of a custom EOR service package, MOTIFE led the recruitment and hiring of an Engineering Lead and first engineers in Poland. Volt Active Data strategy of building a cutting-edge database experts team develops successfully through further hiring projects led by MOTIFE.


Employer of Record (EOR) services in Poland. What you need to know.
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software engineers and IT professionals in Poland

4-8 weeks
average time to recruit an experienced IT specialist

150 EUR
average monthly cost of benefits package per employee

estimated share of B2B contracts vs. perm contracts for new hires in the Krakow IT market

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