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Krakow IT Market Map

The community-built database of IT employers in Krakow

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This initiative aims to complement our Krakow IT Market Report and create a comprehensive and up-to-date resource that highlights the diverse and dynamic IT landscape in Krakow. Whether you're a startup or an established company, we value your input. Help us keep the map accurate and current, reflecting the vibrant IT scene in our city.

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Why participate?

Let’s showcase the depth and breadth of Krakow’s ecosystem. Be visible and be found. Let the candidates see you.  

We are supported by ASPIRE, ABSL, OMGKRK and Krakow Technlogy Park.

Who should participate?

All IT employers in Krakow are welcome to submit information. The more data points, the better.  

Regardless if you represent a large corporation or a small startup with just a handful of team members, you can contribute to building this valuable community asset.

How does it work?

Any person from a company that employs IT specialists can submit data. We specifically encourage HR and management representatives to do so. All submitted information will be reviewed twice per week and published online.

There is no due date for submission, but we will be launching the first edition in September.

Why the ratio of women in IT?

One of the data points we ask you to provide is the percent of women in your ICT team. We want to track this data over time and show the progress that is made in the ecosystem. We want to also help the companies who lead as equal employers to showcase their success.

What about confidentiality?

We do not collect confidential data, only information that is publicly available, although sometimes difficult to find.

We will request an email address of the person who submits the data, but this information will not be published and will be used only for administrative purposes.

The detailed privacy policy can be found here.

If you have suggestions how to improve this initiative, please contact us at


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