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New IT player in Krakow:
5 questions to Tony Newcome, CTO at ActiveCampaign

By MOTIFE Insights, 28 March 2024

Active Campaign, a leading platform for intelligent marketing automation, has recently set up a new IT hub in Krakow. Tony Newcome, Chief Technology Officer at ActiveCampaign, shares insight into the company's decision to choose Krakow as the location for its new hub and details the approach taken in building their technology teams. The interview is an extract from the upcoming Krakow IT Market Report 2024.

1. What is ActiveCampaign?

Tony Newcome: ActiveCampaign helps small teams power big businesses with the must-have platform for intelligent marketing automation. Customers from over 170 countries depend on ActiveCampaign’s mix of pre-built automation and integrations (including Facebook, Google, WordPress, Salesforce, Shopify, and Square) to power personalized marketing, transactional emails, and one-to-one CRM interactions throughout the customer lifecycle.

2. Why did ActiveCampaign choose Krakow?

Tony Newcome: We knew we wanted to expand our technology and product teams in EMEA in order to better serve our European customers and strengthen our position as a market leader. When looking at where we should expand, we found Krakow has a rich pool of technical expertise and talent that will help us further elevate our platform to meet the evolving needs of businesses globally.

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3. What roles is ActiveCampaign hiring in Krakow?

Tony Newcome: We envision our Krakow hub having 50 people in the next 12 months to start. We are building technology teams consisting of leadership positions and mid/senior IT specialists with PHP, React, and SRE skills for our platform and data engineering team, as well as our product engineering team. Beyond technology, we are also hiring for our new HR function in Krakow. You can find all of our open roles in Krakow and how to apply on our careers page or the MOTIFE career site.

4. What projects will Active Campaign colleagues in Krakow work on?

Tony Newcome: To start, we are focusing on building out our technology and product teams in Krakow, so those hired onto these teams will be focused on how to make our platform the best it can be for our global customer base.

5. What is one thing you want people to know about your culture at ActiveCampaign?

Tony Newcome: One thing that we often say at ActiveCampaign is don’t go global, be global. We started global, making it a part of our culture. Our first customer was a scuba diving company in Mexico, and today, 55% of our business is international. This happened intentionally as we translated the product from day one and have always made sure we have people who can speak the same language as our customers. We’ve developed amazing partnerships with global leaders who have helped us grow and thrive as a business. This mindset of ‘be global’ is the whole reason we are coming to Krakow. We want to be where our customers are and we know there is incredible talent here that will help us provide an even greater experience to the businesses we serve.

This interview is an extract from the upcoming 2024 edition of the Krakow IT Market Report to be released in May 2024.

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