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Network, learn, innovate: a guide to Krakow's tech conferences and job fairs

By MOTIFE Insights, 19 July 2023

Boasting over 500 IT companies and a formidable talent pool of approximately 55,000 engineers, Krakow has firmly established itself as a major tech hub in Central and Eastern Europe, where innovative tech companies and skilled talent intersect.

The prosperity of this thriving community has fostered numerous initiatives and events such as tech conferences, career days, and IT job fairs. These platforms provide opportunities for community members to share and gain knowledge while allowing companies to boost their brand awareness at the same time. Thus, Krakow isn't just a hub for IT businesses; it's a dynamic ecosystem that fuels continuous growth, networking, and innovation.

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Krakow: A hub for IT events

Krakow stands as a key host for significant IT job fairs and conferences in Poland. Each year, at least 11 major conferences are organized, together attracting around 10,000 participants. Additionally, hundreds of smaller meetups and tech talks take place regularly, providing continuous opportunities for learning and networking.

The city's strength lies in its combination of event venues and a well-established IT ecosystem, which makes it a fitting location for these important industry gatherings. Krakow's IT job fairs and tech conferences serve a vital role in fostering professional connections. They provide a platform for IT professionals to network, learn about recent developments, and engage with potential employers.

These events also offer companies the chance to display their work and interact with the local tech community, contributing to Krakow's dynamic business ecosystem. As such, these events in Krakow are not just meetings but essential opportunities that shape the future of the IT sector.

Not to miss IT conferences and job fairs in Krakow

In this section, we've compiled a list of highly recommended IT conferences and job fairs. These events provide excellent networking opportunities, valuable insights, and potential career prospects. Don't miss out on these key gatherings in one of Poland's most vibrant tech cities.

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IT conferences in Krakow

1. Krakowskie Dni Informatyki

KDI Krakowskie Dni informatyki

Free tickets | Held once a year in December

An annual conference, taking place once a year usually in December, focused on various aspects of computer science and IT, featuring renowned speakers and industry professionals. Hosts an array of lectures, workshops, and discussions around IT and computer science topics. The workshops are divided into theme paths like JavaScript, Java, Ml/AI, Microsoft Technologies, Cloud, and QA/test. The audience is IT professionals, computer science students, and anyone interested in the latest developments in IT.

2. ACE

ACE Conference

Paid tickets | Held once a year in May

The largest regional conference for IT and Agile community members, organized by Wawel Hill. The conference focuses on lean thinking, Agile methodologies, and management innovations. Participants can expect to learn from international speakers and participate in interactive sessions that explore Agile methodologies and lean thinking in depth. The sessions are divided into process and product paths. In previous editions, the participants could learn from Janelle Ward or Arthur Margonari, among others.

3. Lambda Days

Lambda days

Paid tickets | Held once a year in May

This conference, organized by the Lambda Days Foundation, covers functional programming and touches on various programming languages like Scala, Erlang, Haskell, F#, and Elixir. It's a good fit for IT professionals, software developers, computer science students, and anyone interested in functional programming. Over the course of two days, attendees will learn from 40 experts across six different tracks, covering all aspects of functional programming and up-to-date software development trends.

4. Devoxx Poland

Devoxx Poland

Paid tickets | Held once a year in June

This conference, suitable for developers and IT professionals, hosts international speakers and covers the latest technologies and methodologies in software development. Expect to learn about Java, Android, cloud, Big Data, artificial intelligence, robotics, programming languages, and more. Amongst the key speakers in previous editions, you can find Venkat Subramaniam, Sven Peters, or Simon Brown.

5. Code Europe

Code Europe

Paid tickets | Held once a year in June

Code Europe is one of the largest coding conferences in Poland, and the place to be for software developers, architects, DevOps Engineers, Security Experts, product owners, data scientists, and QA specialists. It offers an array of workshops, lectures, and presentations on the most up-to-date trends in coding and software development from speakers like Luca Mezzalira from AWS, Chris Sells from Meta, or Rocky Bhatia from Adobe Systems.

6. Soap Conference

Soap Conference

Paid tickets | Held once a year in May/June

This conference is perfect for technical communication professionals. It's focused on all things related to software, online, and API documentation. Participants can expect engaging sessions and workshops on content strategies, document design, and tech comm tools given by specialists such as Paulina Dygoń from Motorola Solutions or Jarosław Orłowski from Dynatrace.

7. Confidence

Confidence conference

Paid tickets | Held once a year in May/June

Confidence is one of the leading European IT security conferences. IT professionals, security experts, and developers can anticipate in-depth discussions and learning opportunities about the latest trends in IT security, threat intelligence, and cybersecurity technologies. Among the speakers, in past editions, we can find Dominik Rozdziałowski from MON Cybersecurity Department or Przemysław Wolek, Global Head of Security Detection and Response at ING Group and ING Hubs Poland.

8. Segfault Unconference

Segfault unconference Krakow

Paid tickets | Held once a year in autumn

Segfault Unconference is a developers' conference covering IT topics like delivery, quality, and software development. It’s divided into two days, the first of which is dedicated to lectures while the second is called the open source unconference and is the time for open discussions within the community.  Despite the conferences, Segfault organizes a number of meetings, but also webinars, and podcasts.

9. HackYeah

HackYeah Krakow hackathon

Paid tickets | Held once a year in autumn

HackYeah is the largest stationary hackathon in Europe. During the event participants come together to tackle tasks from event's partners and work on open challenges in the field of cybersecurity and others. HackYeah, held usually in Tauron Arena Krakow, invites individuals from diverse backgrounds and skill levels to engage in this inclusive and dynamic gathering

10. SFI Academic IT Festival

SFI Krakow

Free entry | Held once a year in spring

The SFI Academic IT Festival is an annual international conference organized by students, welcoming IT enthusiasts and informatics enthusiasts from all professions. Attendees have the opportunity to listen to distinguished speakers, participate in practical workshops, and expand their skills. With a diverse range of topics, the conference offers a unique chance to learn from experts and connect with like-minded individuals.

11. Test Dive

Test Dive Conference QA

Paid tickets | Held once a year in October

The Test Dive Conference is a highly regarded event where industry specialists gather to learn, network, and stay up-to-date with the latest trends in testing technology. Hosted at Multikino Krakow, the conference features a diverse range of talks delivered by leading experts in the field of IT testing. Attendees have the opportunity to connect with professionals in the industry and gain valuable insights into the latest tools and techniques used in testing. The conference offers a practical approach, making it ideal for individuals who want to enhance their IT testing skills and knowledge.

Job fairs and academic career days in Krakow

1. AGH Career Days

Targi pracy AGH

Free entry | Held once a year in March/April

An annual job fair at AGH University of Science and Technology aimed at connecting students and graduates with potential employers. Emphasizes the fields of science and technology with a focus on innovation and start-ups. The event gathers over 100 tech companies and startups like Accenture, Akamai, HERE Technologies or Splunk, etc. looking for new talent, career counseling, workshops on emerging technology trends, and career talks from industry professionals.

2. Engineering  Job Fair Krakow University of Technology

Targi pracy politechnika krakowska

Free entry | Held once a year in October

A job fair targeting engineering students and graduates from the Kraków University of Technology, presenting opportunities in related fields. With a strong focus on engineering and technical companies, the event gathers over 30 companies each year, to mention only iTECHART Group, OpenX, Onwelo and Air Liquide.

3. Talent Days

Talent Days Krakow

Free entry | Held once a year in October

Talent Days is one of the largest career fairs in Poland. It serves as a meeting point for companies, startups, and young professionals seeking opportunities. This job fair hosts hundreds of companies and offers free career counseling, workshops, and CV consultations. Companies from various sectors present and hire during the event. Attendees can also expect a multitude of workshops, career counseling sessions, and talks from industry experts.

4. Jobicon

Jobicon Krakow

Free entry | Held once a year in March

Jobicon is a unique job fair organized by Pracuj Group that gathers companies from various sectors, including IT, offering job openings and internships. The event gathers almost 100 exhibitors like KPMG, Zooplus, and BNY Mellon to name only a few. During the event, you can participate in lectures and workshops on career development, business communication, and many more given by the company’s representatives.

5. Jagiellonian University Job Fairs

Targi Pracy UJ

Free entry | Held twice a year in spring and autumn

This event is an bi-annual 3 days job fair providing the space for students and graduates of Jagiellonian University to interact with potential employers across various industries. Amongst the participating companies, you can find Amazon, Cisco Systems Poland, Euroclear Bank, HSBC, IBM, and many more. The fair also includes seminars and workshops ran by speakers like Wojciech Mróz from Phinance or Martyna Kadziela from State Street Bank.

6. The Cracow University of Economics Job Fair

UEK Targi Pracy

Free entry | Held twice a year in March and October

Job fair organized twice a year, focused on business and economics sectors with many of the top companies like PepsiCo, Revolut, or ABB present. Top-tier companies in the finance, business, and economics sectors, seminars on career development, workshops on skills needed in the modern economy, and networking opportunities.

Krakow’s tech events for professional growth

Academic career days and commercial job fairs in Krakow, hosting anywhere from 30 to over 100 companies each, offer attendees the unique opportunity for direct interaction with HR professionals, recruiters, team leaders, and even team members. These events encourage open dialogue and casual conversations, where attendees can ask pertinent questions and gain valuable insights about potential employers.

Additionally, every job fair is complemented by a range of informative lectures and workshops. These span from practical advice on CV building to discussions on the latest tech trends, and are led by eminent representatives from participating companies.

The variety of events allows to choose from events, like Devoxx and Code Europe, which offer multiple tracks, covering a variety of topics. Others specialize in a specific technology or field, likeSoap, which focuses on technical communication, or Confidence, which zeroes in on cybersecurity. The size of these conferences varies significantly, from intimate gatherings of 200 to grand events hosting over 5,000 attendees, with the largest ones featuring up to 40 expert speakers.

Whether you're looking to connect with potential employers, learn from industry leaders, or stay updated on the latest trends, Krakow's tech events provide a fertile ground for professional growth.

Benefits of job fairs and conferences for brand awareness in Krakow

For employers wanting to make the most of Krakow's many events, there are plenty of options. They can sponsor an event, have a team member give a talk with the company's name attached, or set up a company-branded booth at a fair.

When prepared professionally, with clear expectations, and well in advance, participation in these events can bring great benefits to companies, such as engaging meaningfully with a large pool of talented candidates, to augment the company's CV database. This is also a chance for less-known brands or new IT players to showcase their brands to the tech talent pool. Moreover, leading a lecture or workshop allows the company to position itself as an industry expert. In addition, visual branding and face-to-face interactions with company employees at these events can significantly enhance brand awareness within the community.

Aneta Bochenek, Senior Talent Acquisition and Employer Branding Specialists at StoneX in Krakow, shares her insight on participating in one of the conferences mentioned above.  

Aneta Bochenek from  StoneX

“I had an opportunity to represent my company at SFI Academic Festival lately. At StoneX, we value real connections. The SFI Academic Festival conference gave us the chance to talk, learn, and share our company's purpose and work. It also opened doors to connect with potential IT talents, particularly students looking to make their mark in the industry. This interaction gave us a fresh perspective and an opportunity to inspire and be inspired. It was a worthwhile experience that we eagerly anticipate repeating.

Job fairs and conferences venues in Krakow

Krakow is home to numerous venues that are well-suited for job fairs and conferences. The Tauron Arena, for instance, is a spacious venue known for its modern amenities and its ability to accommodate large-scale events. The Multikino Krakow offers a range of modern auditoriums and conference halls, making it an ideal choice for a variety of presentations and workshops

Another popular venue is the Expo Krakow, with its extensive exhibition halls and adaptable event spaces. This dynamic environment is perfect for facilitating networking and showcasing innovations during job fairs and conferences. The ICE Krakow Congress Centre, recognized for its remarkable architecture and state-of-the-art design, offers large halls equipped with advanced technology, creating an ideal setting for impactful conferences.

Adding to the diversity of venues, the Manggha Museum offers a unique cultural backdrop for events with its blend of traditional and contemporary architectural elements. CKF 13, a modern and open space venue recently inaugurated in 2023, brings an additional variety to the options available for event organizers.

These are just a few of the venues in Krakow that successfully combine practicality with an appealing atmosphere, ensuring both the planning and attending of job fairs and conferences is a rewarding experience.

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